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I've been telling every writer I know about Edward. I would not be at all surprised to see it grow to an industry standard.
—Kevin M., Idaho, USA


Multiple devices
Log in on any device, anywhere
A laptop, tablet, smartphone, even a Chromebook.
Outline templates
Choose the "Novel" template and Edward will lay out all the ingredients you need to bring your story to life.
Automated workshops
Be gone, writer's block! Get your creative juices flowing again with on-demand prompts and exercises.
Interactive map
Chapter at a glance
Use the interactive mini-map to easily scan, search, and jump from paragraph to paragraph in your novel.
Your novel is saved in the cloud every time you make a change. Even if you drop your laptop in a lava pit, you won't lose your work.
Instant search
If you forget a character's last name or misplace some research, finding it again takes less than a second.
One-click dictionary & thesaurus
Use the convenient dictionary/thesaurus to make sure "inconceivable" means what you think it means, or to find the perfect word for any situation.
Word and PDF
Export anytime
Download a PDF, Microsoft Word document, or full backup whenever you like. We're ready to publish as soon as you are.
Hot air balloon
Take your novel with you
No Internet connection? No problem. Edward works offline so you can go to destination weddings, weekend retreats, or even Wyoming.
Data-driven smart assistant
Feeling stuck? Edward will pop in now and then with a tip or suggestion unique to your writing style. (Coming soon!)


  • Free forever. No credit card required.
  • Full writing interface.
  • All templates included.
  • Export to PDF or a backup file.
  • 5 MB of insecure storage on your own computer.
  • Access your work from one device.

  • 20 MB (about 10,000 pages) of storage in the cloud.
  • Daily backups to keep your writing safe and secure.
  • Automatic online sync so you can pick up where you left off on any device.
  • On-demand workshops with writing prompts and exercises.
  • Work without an Internet connection.
  • Download your novel as a Microsoft Word document.

  • 250 MB (about 125,000 pages) of storage in the cloud.

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